How to Sign Up for E2Campus Notifications

(Closings, Delays, Emergencies)

This system will allow our security staff to notify the campus community of emergency situations as well as CARC closings due to inclement weather. This system is free to you (except what your cell phone carrier may charge for the text message). In order to take full advantage of this system, please follow directions:

  1. Click on the following link:
  2. (Click) I Need to Create an Account
  3. Create a User Name and Password (Write it down as you will need it later)
  4. Insert your cell phone number in the box marked “Mobile Phone”
  5. Select your mobile phone carrier
  6. Select an opt– out date (typically two years)
  7. Select the group most applicable to you (for example: students, staff, CARC, etc.)
  8. (Click) Box Agree to Terms and Services
  9. (Click) Create Account
  10. You will receive a text message on your cell phone that will include a code. Go back to the website and enter the code in the Validation box to complete your registration.

**If you want to also receive notification via email, this system allows you to add your email address as well.**