I Can Swim

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The I Can Swim program was developed by a group of community members, college staff, and GC Board of Education members (many of whom are also parents) with a vested interest in seeing swimming and water safety proficiency become available to all children in Garrett County.

Beginning in the fall of 2011, the CARC has provided basic swimming and water safety instruction to all kindergarten children attending the county’s elementary schools, as well as a group of homeschooled students. Each kindergarten class was transported to the college in conjunction with the already existing College & Me program, for a four-day active aquatic learning program.

Swimming proficiency and water-safety goals appropriate for this age group have been developed using American Red Cross standards. Each day, students will participate in activities, both in the pool and classroom, in order to become comfortable in an aquatic environment with no pressure or strict goals.

Is your child coming to I Can Swim?

You can get their schedule from your child’s teacher. Each class has a designated week, usually available by Sept 1.
Paperwork will be sent home from school to complete for the program.