Our Pools

Featuring a warm water pool, kept at 90°, and a six lane competition pool, kept at 80°, with spectator viewing area, our aquatics area is the only one of its kind of Garrett County! A jetted area with seating is also available in the warm water pool.

Pool Rules

1. The lifeguard has complete authority.
2. No running or horseplay.
3. Starting blocks are for competition and instructional purposes only.
4. Only swimmers or class participants are permitted on the pool deck.  Spectators may watch from the viewing area.
5. All swimmers are strongly urged to shower before entering the pool.
6. All swimmers must wear attire designed for swimming and suitable for wear around families and children.  Cut-off jeans, tee shirts, shorts, and thongs are not allowed in the pool.  Only clean footwear designed for aquatic activity allowed in or around the pool.
7. Children under age 15 must be accompanied by an adult – 18 years or older – in the pool area.
8. Food, gum, drinks in glass containers, hair clips or pins, and adhesive bandages that are not waterproof are not permitted the in pool area.
9. Instruction can only be provided during courses taught by CARC instructors.
10. When more than one person is sharing a lap lane, circular swimming must be used.